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We can find a solution for your needs
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Pilot plants manufactured by MAK Water are designed, fabricated, commissioned and serviced to empower water treatment decision-makers with the tools necessary to accomplish their objectives.
The concept of modelling full-scale water treatment processes by using MAK Water’s pilot-scale equipment provides a powerful method for analysing processes.


  • Compare conventional or alternative water treatment technologies for new plant construction or existing plant expansion
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  • Establish design criteria with confidence to ensure the best technical and economic treatment choice
  • Test for compliance with local, national and international regulatory standards
  • Optimise existing water treatment processes
  • Experiment safely without the worry of potentially hazardous effluent water going to the public
  • Train water treatment plant operators and provide public demonstration and education


The EVOTECH Filter system is the only system you need for primary municipal wastewater treatment, as it can completely replace conventional primary treatment such as sedimentation tanks or clarifiers. Using a rotating filtermesh, an EVOTECH filter system can remove >50% Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and >20% Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) from raw wastewater.

An EVOTECH Filter system requires only 1/10th the land and 30-60% the investment cost of conventional systems. More than that, sludge thickening and dewatering is integrated into this very compact and cost-effective system.

Curious as to what a EVOTECH filter system can do at your facility?

We have portable, full-scale ECOTECH filter systems ready for temporary installation at your location. During its time with you, data is collected and then reported to show the systems performance according to your treatment objectives.

To characterise the water quality, a simple and quick sieve test is performed to show the efficacy of solids removal using various sized meshes. Hydraulic loading rates on the mesh, if required, can be determined using a column test.

Upon confirming that the water quality is amenable for EVOTECH filter technology, a demonstration unit can be provided at a nominal fee.



Rental units are great when wastewater treatment systems go down for maintenance, when process alterations affect effluent quality, or when capital for purchasing and owning equipment is not available.